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A Coastal Holiday Resort

Benidorm, on Spain’s southern coast, is Europe’s biggest holiday resort. Benidorm has a warm, sunny climate all the tears round, thanks to the mountains which shelter to town. The average temperature in winter is 15 degrees centigrade and 26 degrees centigrade in summer.

A Fishing Village

Before the 1950s, Benidorm was a small fishing village. Fishermans in Benidorm specialized in catching tuna, but in 1952 the biggest tuna fishery there closed down because the number of fish caught becomes fell.

Members of the town council looked for ways to encourage tourists to visit Benidorm. They wanted people to enjoy Benidorm’s pleasant climate and sandy beaches that stretch for 6 kilometers along the coast. Until 1959, Benidorm only had four hotels, but soon many new hotels and apartments blocks were built. Benidorm was one of the first holidays’ This is where flights and hotels or apartment accommodations are sold together, and special flights, called charter flights, carry the tourists to their destination.

As Benidorm had excellent travel connections, by land, sea and air, many holidaymakers travelled there from all over Europe. The nearest airport, at Alicante, was only two hours flight away from most European capital cities, such as London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Berlin.

Playa Levante, one of Benidorm’s sandy beaches, is backed by huge hotels.

Today, Benidorm is the most popular holiday resort in Europe, with 5 million tourists visiting every year.

Tourist attractions at Benidorm

The things that attract tourists and holidaymakers to Benidorm include:

  • leisure activities such as sailing, walking, houre riding, cycling and boat trips
  • four theme parks – one, called terra Natura, shows visitors the wonders of the animals kingdom; and Terra Mitica, the largest theme park in Europe, has rides and shows that include acrobats, stuntmen and circus acts.

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