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Coastal Feactures

What is the coast? The coast is a place where the land meets the ocean and the sea. a map of the world is really a map of the coasts of the various continents and countries. The world has about 312 000 Kilometers of coastline.

The Seashore

The Seashore is the land along the coast. some Seashore has a strip of land, shingle, pebbles, or mud at the edge of the sea. This is called a beach. Sometimes there are cliffs or sands dunes behind the beach.

The Wind and the waves have shaped this coastline in Australia into a series of cliffs, caves, bays, and rocky towers called stacks.

Changing Coastlines

The Shape of the coast changes all the time because of the action of the waves and wind. Where the rocks are soft, the waves wear away the lands, moving the coast inland. Where the rocks are hard, there may be little change. In some places, the waves from new land along the seashore by bringing sand and tiny pieces of rock from other parts of the coast.

Some of the largest inlets on the coast are estuaries, where rivers flow into the sea. Tiny pieces of mud and sand-swept along the river gradually settle on the bottom where the river’s current is slowed when it meets the sea. Over many years, the particles from large areas are called mudflats. Eventually, these mudflats may dry out and form new land.

An estuary is the mouth of the river, where it flows into the sea. This estuary is in Wales.

Why are the Coast Important ?

We use sheltered parts of the coast as ports for ships and fishing boats. A lot of our food including fish and shellfish comes from places on the coast. Salt, oil, and natural gas are found in coastal areas. Many people go to the coast for their holiday or to enjoy sports and leisure activities.

Many people like to go to the coast of their holidays. It is important for their health and safety that the beach and the sea are clean and unpolluted.

How people have harmed the coast ?

People damage the coast in many ways. They leave litter and they damage sand dunes by walking and driving over them. When Oil, Sewage, and harmful chemicals from factories, towns, and cities are pumped into the sea, this pollutes the beach and seawater. It harms the plants and the animals living along the coast and makes the seawater dangerous to bathe in.

Did you know

The World Longest Estuary is that of the River Ob in Russia. It is 885 Kilometer long and up to 80 Kilometer wide.

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