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Fire in Turkey’s forests … Pray For Turkey

A huge forest fire in turkey’s Antalya provinces spread into residential areas this week.

Flame spread to multiple areas including the town center of manavgat .

Turkey disaster agency said authorities were battling the fire with planes and other vehicles.

Turkey authorities battled multiple blazes in the Mediterranean town of manavgat for a second day on Thursday amid suspicion of arson.

At least three people were found dead in a forest fire. The official said that more than 40 wildfires have erupted across 13 provinces. These pictured showed burned residential buildings as firefighters battled to extinguish the fire.

Turkey president Recap Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday a majority of the country’s wildfires were now contained as firefighting support teams and planes were sent to help from Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, and Iron.

He Said ” These are the times when we need unity, brotherhood, and solidarity the most. Thank God, the majority of the wildfire are contained. The number of fire-fighting planes has increased with the reinforcement sent from Ukraine, Russia, Azerbaijan, and lastly Iron.

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    may Allah keep them save

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    May allah help them really terrific situation 😭

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