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Forms of transport

In the past, most people walked or traveled by horse or some other animal when they went from place to place. In some parts of the world, these are still the only methods of travel for many people

Different form of transport

In much of the world, the most common way of transporting people or goods is bicycling, buses, vans, trucks, trains, airplanes, and ships.

The different forms of transport follow fixed routes to get from one place to another. Motor vehicles travel along roads, trains run on the railway line, aircraft follow flight paths and ships keep to shipping lanes in the ocean and seas.

Why is transport important ?

There is now hardly anywhere in the world we cannot reach in 24 hours. A good transport system is important because it allows

  • People to move from place to place for work , school and holiday .
  • Emergency services such as ambulances , fire engines and police to get quickly to place where they are needed .
  • Letters and parcels to be sent and received .
  • Raw materials to be carried to farms and factories .
  • Food and other goods to be dilivered from farms and factories to shops .

Motor Vehicles

Where there are roads, Motor Vehicles can take people and goods right to the place they need to go. However, motor vehicles are noisy, pollute the air, and can be dangerous, particularly to pedestrians and cyclists.


Trains link big towns and cities and can carry lots of passengers or heavy cargo over long distances. However, they are noisy and pollute the air. There are many places that trains cannot reach because there are no railway lines.


Bicycles are inexpensive, quiet and they do not pollute the air. However, they aren’t good for long journeys and they are not very comfortable in bad weather.

Ships and Boats

Ships and Boats can cross oceans and seas carrying a lot of passengers and large quantities of cargo. However, they are slow and travel only from one port to another.


Airplanes are the fastest form of transport. They can carry a large number of passengers and travel across lands, seas, and oceans. However, they are noisy and pollute the air . They cannot carry very large or very heavy cargo. There are not many large airports, so people may have to travel a long way by road or rail to airports.

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