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Minar-e-Pakistan Incident

In Lahore at Minar e Pakistan the point where the first brick of Pakistan was placed, a girl was sexually assaulted by 400 men.
Before starting I would like to share the background of the case with everyone who doesn’t know.
On 14 august night at Minar e Pakistan, Lahore a girl was harassed in front of 400 Caballero males. The girl wasn’t alone as a female gender between groups of males. She was with her friends and was making videos but was caught and got separated from her group.
Besides all this, it’s a request to all girls, always play the safe side. Don’t take risks by going to such gatherings without family.
But I think I should say even don’t go outside with family.
Some people are saying they were trying to help the girl to get out of it hence males can’t serve as protection to a girl in this society. During all this procedure some males also tried to sexually assault her by touching her private parts, body in the name of help.
Besides what she was doing there the question is what you (males) did to her. Not a single male was able to protect her. Girls are not even safe in their houses. We do get to know about such incidents where the married girl gets gang-raped in front of her husband.
Girls are not safe in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. We should teach self-defense to our young girls and they should keep a penknife or blade with them 24/7 and should be active and alert all the time.
At last, I wanted to say at least the faces which are clear who was assaulting the girl should be publically punished as a lesson for such morons.

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