You are currently viewing Science has rendered endless Services to mankind

Science has rendered endless Services to mankind

Our life has been revolutionzed by Science . It has considerably altered the world by it’s wonderful discoveries and inventions Infact ous knowledge is being inhancing by science and our life is being predominated by science. Mankind has been done concrete service. by it Science has been surprized by making possible things possible forus

ONcoin Itis the science which has make helpless manthe king of the universe and knowledge: was semoved darkness of ignorance by us science has been a potent factor to change the history of man’s civilization and moreover science has been given supreme self confidence by us In addition to science is being blessed by us out In the field of transport and communication mankind has been provided great services by science Telephones telegraphs and wiseless are the wonderful gifts of science Toansport and technology could be benificially by science. A wide of conceptual , methadoligical and Implementationtools is being provided by science .

In addition to that electrical brains which carry passengers from one place to another is being due to by science The electric fans which provide air

and electric bulbs which light aus houses and mobile phones which charged through electricity are being the great provided by science.

It isic said that

Science is a good servant but abad master Our life style and health is being effected by science. Dueto technolo. negative effects on society is being provided by science Beside this doom Is beingeing symbolised by science and moreover pollution has been responsible by science . Also the disadvantages of new mobile phones Greatare beingcommunication providedskillsby is being provided by science Great networking, collaborating, teaching and leading is being given by science.Although scientistisimproved ability of

is being approved by science

In the field of industry and agriculture the services of

Science cannot be forgotten Tractors had been invented by science and industrial machines also. In addition to new ways of production “being by science Infact mankind is being

Saved byscience For farming harvestors ” irrigation systems , baless, hastowers is being provided by science In the field of industry it has great services which are not being counted byus.

Science provides a wealth of knowledge that can be tapped enhance the provision of healthcare the world . In addition to this possible serious operations is being due to by Now people don’t die of blague and Tb. Science has overcomed of knowledby thegesetoaboutdoctorsdiseases medicines.

wide variety of technologies and science discoveries produced by humanity has led to the building and development of the civilizations of each age, economic growth and raised people standard of living is being due to by science- Immeasurable benefits to mankind is being provided by Science. However relationships between science and technology is assuming many shapes. In short great advantages and disadvantages is being given by science.

It is all being depend by us By Steven Novella ee Science is about the process its not about conclusiones

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