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The coastal city of Aqaba

Aqaba is a city on the coast of Jordan at the north-eastern tip of the red Sea. It is Jordan’s only coastal city and its only port. Aqaba has first developed about 4000 years ago at the meeting point of two major trade routes that linked Africa and Asia. Today, Aqaba is famous as a holiday resort and port.

Aqaba holiday resort

Aqaba is one of the main tourist resorts in Jordan. Its tourist attractions include:

  • a pleasant desert climate, with warm winters and hot, dry summers
  • sandy beaches and warm seawater, which are enjoyed by batters and windsurfers
  • the rich sea life which attracts scuba divers and snorkelers
  • trips in glass-bottomed boats to see the corals and fish life
  • many hotels, holiday villas, a golf course and marinas for pleasure boats

Over 200 different kinds of coral and about 1000 different kinds of fish live in the sea around Aqaba. For people who glass-bottomed boats to see the coral and sea life.

One of the marinas at Aqaba.

The port of Aqaba

Aqaba is a busy container port. Most of Jordan’s export goods leave the country from this port. It is also a busy ferry port, with ferries carrying passengers, cars, and trucks between Aqaba and ports in Egypt. There are many factories around the port. Some make heavy machinery, Such as motor vehicles. Others handle chemicals such as phosphate, which is used in industry and as a fertilizer. Phosphate is one of Jordan’s most important exports. Cruise ships regularly use the port of Aqaba.

Transport links

Aqaba is connected to the rest of Jordan by two major highways, the Desert Highway and the king,s Highway. There are many bus services between Aqaba and Amman and the other large cities in Jordan. Aqaba also has an Airport, the Aqaba King Hussein International Airport, with flights to Amman and several airports in Egypt and Europe.

A railway is being built to connect Aqaba with all of Jordan’s main cities and several neighboring countries.

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