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The Reality of Dirty Snacks in Pakistan

Love plants and train children to eat and plant fruits.Plant fruit trees. It is important for your child to keep children away from the irrational and dirty things in the market. Something inside and something outside …

Original packaging of big brands is easily important. Children are being poisoned in beautiful packaging and all this is happening under the nose of the food department.

Poppies, salt, tablets, toffee cilantro, crackers, leases, bubbles, biscuits are all ruining children’s health.
Parents eagerly present these poisons to their children when they are hungry. In the market, Ertugrul, Halima Sultan, Bamsi Papar-Tik Tak were taken out in the name of innumerable atoms in order to make the business shinier. And they do not even pay taxes. Both wholesale and retailer. Parents risk their children’s lives with their own hands. If one ever sees their structure, no one should touch it . Ingredients used in its manufacture such as fruit pulp, food coloring, basic ingredients are all made from artificial chemicals and ghee is very poor and used frequently.

If a can of juice was being prepared for ten rupees, it would have contained the real things in it. If you ever go to a nearby bakery for testing, where the cleaning and digestion of the stomach, and especially the eggs, are filled with blood, and their preparation is done with the feet, think of the quality of something that is being prepared on a very large scale and What will the structure look like? If you visit fabricated factories that are open everywhere, you won’t even touch this thing for years. These people can go to any extent to earn money. Human life does not mean anything to them. These people use food coloring as an alternative as it is expensive for food coloring which is not good for human health in any case. After the operation, it was revealed that these people dye roses and berries with normal clothes(At the time, I thought their color was Maltese).

Why doesn’t the food department monitor the circulation of these items in the market?
You should check the quality of the items from the nearest shop and warn the shopkeeper not to bring this item.

Note: Use homemade items, bread, rice, porridge, pudding, soybeans, add them all to their lives, get in the habit of eating fruits when they are hungry. Educate children. If you want good health for children, pay attention. Visit schools, and colleges.
Take care of each child’s health.

Ask homes, schools, and local farmers to plant fruit trees.
Good food. Good health.

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