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We Need Water

In 2021, water is one of the most important substances on earth. Without water to drink, we would die. About 70% of our body weight is water. People have lived for a month or without food, but we cannot live for only three or four days without water.

How do we use water? we drink water. we wash our bodies, our clothes, and many other things with water. We use water to flush the toilet. The Food we eat has water in them and all our drinks are largely water. we used water to cook much of our food and we use water for leisure activities such as boating, swimming, and fishing.

we need water to keep ourselves clean .

Plants Need Water

the plant needs water to live just like we do. plants use their roots to take up water from the soil. the crop that farmers grow for our food needs water to grow. in some places where there is little rain and the land is dry, farmers bring water from rivers, lakes, and wells to their fields. The water is carried in pipes and ditches. This special kind of watering is called Irrigation. Some crops need more water to grow than the others e.g Rice and cotton ., while olives and oranges need only a little.

Animals Need Water

Animals also need water to live. The animals that provide us with meat, milk, and eggs need a large amount of clean water to drink. Water is also home to millions of plants and animals including the fish and shellfish we eat.

farmers all around the world need water for their crops .

How much water do animals and plants need?

Human2 liter per day
Dairy Cow135 Liter per day
Large oak tree20 000 liters per day

I ndustry

Some industries use water to cool hot substances or the moving parts of machinery. water also helps us to produce electricity. All power stations that burn fuels use water to make steam. this turns into the machine that produces electricity. In hydroelectric power stations, the water of the fast-flowing rivers is used to turn the machines that produce electricity.

Water is used to make any kind of food and many of the things we see or use every day.

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